From Paul Steinhauser in the 603 what to watch:

  • Swalwell owns New Hampshire, at least this weekend

  • Bumper to bumper next week on the NH 2020 trail

  • Biden’s rocky week started in New Hampshire

  • Biden’s close encounter

  • Lots of policy plans


Swalwell’s got New Hampshire all to himself

With 19 of the historically enormous field of two-dozen Democratic presidential candidates in Iowa this weekend (for the Iowa Democratic Party’s Hall of Fame dinner, the Hawkeye state’s first major cattle call of the 2020 cycle), it appears that Rep. Eric Swalwell’s the only Democratic White House hopeful campaigning in New Hampshire. The Iowa born Swalwell on Saturday headlines a NH Senate Democratic Caucus gathering marking the end of the state legislative session (it’s almost over). The soiree’s being held in Nashua at the home of former state Sen. Bette Laskey. Later he attends a meet and greet at the Hollis town hall with Democrats from Hollis, Temple, and New Ipswich. The congressman from California arrives in the first-in-the-nation primary state a day after his campaign went up with their first TV spot, as the congressman touts he’s the only presidential contender making gun control his top priority. The media buying and ad tracking shop Medium Buying, which first reported the news of the commercial, said it was a miniscule five digit buy in New Hampshire, Iowa and Nevada.
WATCH the ad

Bumper to Bumper

While it’s lonely on the Granite State trail this weekend as Iowa grabs the spotlight (NH’s first major cattle call comes in early September, when the state party holds its annual convention the weekend after Labor Day at the arena in downtown Manchester), things pick up with a vengeance at the beginning of the work week. Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota’s in the state on Monday, as she headlines ‘Politics and Eggs’ at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College. She later holds events in Concord and Somersworth. Rep. Seth Moulton of Massachusetts crosses the border Monday, as he holds in event in Manchester. Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio – who like Moulton was one of the ring-leaders of the failed attempt to keep Nancy Pelosi from regaining the House speakership – also arrives back in NH on Monday and Tuesday morning headlines ‘Politics and Eggs.’ Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee holds events in Concord and Brentwood on Wednesday. New York based entrepreneur Andrew Yang campaigns in NH on Thursday and Friday. Sen. Elizabeth Warren returns to NH on Friday and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand campaigns in the state Friday and Saturday.


Joe Biden’s rocky week started in New Hampshire

Things were looking good as former Vice President Joe Biden arrived in New Hampshire on Tuesday, for his second trip to the first-in-the-nation primary state since launching his White House campaign in late April. Hours before holding a town hall type event in the North Country city of Berlin, he unveiled a wide-ranging plan to combat climate change. But later that day, as he made his way from Berlin to events in Plymouth and Concord, we all know what happened, as the plagiarism and Hyde Amendment flip-flop stories grabbed the national spotlight. While Biden did take some questions along the rope line and did two short interviews after the Berlin event, that was his last interaction with the press during the trip – which continued with a stop Wednesday morning at Chez Vachon, a popular eatery on Manchester’s west side. But before the controversies consumed the news cycle surrounding Biden’s trip, he did make some news on impeachment, and more.
Concord Monitor
Seacoast Online
Union Leader

Fox News
WATCH: Biden on impeachment 
WATCH: Biden on why he’s not punching back at 2020 rivals 
WATCH: Biden says his campaign’s received contributions from over 300,000 individual contributions (thanks to Shane Goldmacher for the shout out)

Biden’s close encounter

Before the plagiarism and Hyde Amendment stories consumed the Biden spotlight, his close encounter with a woman at the Berlin event briefly went viral. The former vice president, who two months ago weathered a controversy over past close touching of woman that made many of them uncomfortable, was held closely by a woman – after he walked over and handed her a chair after he spotted her sitting on the floor.  The two whispered for a moment and then, after he walked away, Biden joked “I want the press to know, she pulled me close.” Later the woman, Sandy Bergquist of nearby Lancaster, NH, told me “I just wanted to get comfortable and I got here a little late … I never dreamt that he would do that (get a chair for her) and that touched me.” She added that she’s a Democrat and said she’d “absolutely” support Biden.
WATCH: Adam Sexton tweeted out vide of the entire exchange 

Lou by his side

Longtime Granite State lawmaker Lou D’Allesandro, known as the dean of the New Hampshire state senate, is a longtime Biden friend. While D’Allesandro – who for years has played an influential role in NH presidential primary politics - hasn’t formally endorsed the former vice president, it’s clear which way he’s heading. During Biden’s first trip, D’Allesandro spoke at Biden’s rally at Manchester Community College. And on Wednesday morning, D’Allesandro guided Biden around Chez Vachon, which is located in Sen. Lou’s district. He later traveled later in the day to Boston to attend two Biden fundraises.

Williamson’s NH swing

She was overshadowed by Biden, but Democratic presidential candidate and best-selling spiritual author Marianne Williamson was also in NH on Tuesday and Wednesday. Among her stops, the Statehouse, where she was introduced as a guest of the House of Representatives as she sat in the gallery.
Concord Monitor

Delaney’s warning

Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney – who’s made more campaign stops in New Hampshire than any other contender in the 2020 field -  warns that the "Medicare-for-all" bill supported by many of his rivals for the 2020 nomination “is bad policy and bad politics and will help get Donald Trump re-elected.” In an interview, the former Maryland congressman also warned about "intolerance to different ideas" inside the party tent after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently told him to “sashay away” over his health care stance.
Fox News

Sununu’s 2020 prediction

Former three-term Gov. John H. Sununu – who later served as President George HW Bush’s chief of staff – calls any primary challenge against President Donald Trump a  “fool’s errand.” And Sununu, a very vocal Trump critic during the 2016 NH primary who later backed the GOP nominee, predicts that Trump will likely win the crucial battleground state this time around.
Seacoast Online
WATCH and here

Warren unveils ‘economic patriotism’ principles

Democratic presidential Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday unveiled the principles that will guide her policymaking on the economy if she is elected president. And the Massachusetts Democrat also announced a “Green Manufacturing Plan,” which is the first plan to rollout of those economic principles.
Keene Sentinel

Beto’s voting reform plan

Two state laws at the center of the voting rights debates for the past three years would be effectively repealed under former Rep. Beto O’Rourke new voting reform plan, his campaign says. The Democratic presidential candidate from Texas on Wednesday unveiled a broad plan to “expand voting right and finally realize the full potential of our democracy.” He pledged to register more than 50 million voters and ensure that 35 million additional votes are cast in 2024, achieving a nationwide turnout that year of 65 percent.

Booker wants to make housing more affordable

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker unveiled a plan this week to provide affordable and safe housing to Granite Staters and people across the country. At the heart of the New Jersey senator’s proposal is a tax credit for those who are spending more than 30 percent of their before-tax income on housing expenses. Booker also launched a “Justice Academy” to train volunteers to become effective community organizers. The first training session is on Saturday.
Concord Monitor

Gillibrand teaming up with Connie Britton

The increasingly influential New Hampshire Young Democrats are getting a helping hand this month from two high profile people. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York – a Democratic presidential candidate – and actress Connie Britton – known for her TV series roles in Friday Night Lights and American Horror Story – are teaming up to headline a ‘grassroots fundraiser’ on the campus of Dartmouth College next Friday, June 14, to benefit the political organizing group.
Concord Monitor

Ryan starts staffing up in NH

Congressman Tim Ryan’s presidential campaign this week hired Peter Mellinger as NH state director. Mellinger has some Granite State experience, serving as the the state Democratic Party’s coordinated campaign in 2016.

LISTEN: Interviews with Biden, Delaney, and former Massachusetts Gov Bill Weld – who’s primary challenging Trump – on ‘On Background,’ the NHTalkradio program that’s all about the #FITN presidential primary.


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