From Paul Steinhauser in the 603 what to watch:

  • Bullock, Bennet Gabbard target DNC

  • Where NH stands in Beto’s “Plan to Win”

  • Biden’s big moment comes in NH

  • Trump primary challengers converge on NH

  • Yang vs. 4-year old in skee ball


Bullock, Bennet, take aim at DNC, and more

Two long-shot candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination who failed to make next week’s debate stage are taking aim at the showdowns. “This won’t be decided by the debates. What I hear from folks time and time again is nothing meaningful came out of these debates and they’re often disconnected from peoples’ lives,” Montana Gov. Steve Bullock said Friday during a stop in New Hampshire. And Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado - in an interview on Tuesday in NH with Fox News and  - emphasized that “I had to make a decision on the debate stage, whether I was going to keep laundering money through Facebook to try to stay on a debate stage that was pre-season football, that wasn’t going to make a difference in the standings, or whether I was going to talk to voters directly in Iowa and New Hampshire.”
Fox News

WATCH: Bullock
WATCH: Bennet and here

Gabbard’s threat to skip the debate

Hours before arriving in New Hampshire for a three-day campaign swing, Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard created a firestorm by announcing she may boycott Tuesday’s presidential nomination debate. The congresswoman from Hawaii and Iraq War veteran accused the Democratic National Committee and the national media of “rigging” the primary battle against many of the lower tier candidates and political outsiders running for the nomination. “I am seriously considering boycotting October 15 debate to bring attention to DNC/corporate media’s effort to rig 2020 primary,” she tweeted on Thursday. Harsh complaints about the DNC’s criteria to qualify for the debates are nothing new. Many of the lower-tier candidates have been bashing the DNC since the spring. But those jabs mostly came from the contenders who didn’t make the stage or struggled to qualify. Gabbard failed to make the cut for September’s debate but was one of the 12 candidates (out of 18 left in a still extremely large field of White House hopefuls) to qualify for the fourth round showdown.
WATCH: Gabbard talks to reporters Thursday night in Whitefield, New Hampshire CBS News

What about New Hampshire

The presidential campaign of former Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas - in a pathway to victory memo released on-line Friday night after announcing they raised $4.5 million in Q3 - writes that the “Early states remain the priority. We’re running to win in Iowa, NH, SC, and NV.” In the memo, titled “Plan to Win,” the campaign explains that the “dynamics of this race are such that we believe we could finish as low as 5th in Iowa and 3rd in Nevada and still be competitive. That’s because Super Tuesday is next, and that’s where we have real, additional strength.” There’s no mention of where they hope Beto will finish in New Hampshire, which votes second in the presidential primary and caucus nominating calendar, and South Carolina, with votes fourth and is the last contest before Super Tuesday. 
Beto’s tweet
Read the plan here
More from The Hill

Yang predicts he’ll get a ‘fair shake’ at Tuesday’s debate

At a campaign stop Friday night in Manchester, Yang told the crowd that he thinks he'll get a "fair shake" at the next debate because he has a "good rapport" with Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett. "I’ve got to say, the moderator matters a great deal," he explained.
CBS News
WATCH: CBS News captured the moment as Yang takes son 4-year old Zephaniah in a skee ball match Friday night at the Electric Avenue Arcade in Manchester

Biden’s big moment

A forceful Joe Biden took a major step on Wednesday, calling for the first time for the impeachment of President Trump over the Ukrainian controversy. "To preserve our Constitution, our democracy, our basic integrity, he should be impeached," Biden said, while speaking at a campaign event in Rochester, New Hampshire. The former vice president had previously called for the president to be impeached if he would not comply with the impeachment inquiry underway by Democrats in the House of Representatives. Biden's announcement came just one day after the White House vowed not to play ball in the House Democratic impeachment inquiry.
Boston Globe
Fox News

WMUR takes a look at Biden’s new education plan 

Biden interrupted

Biden was interrupted by environmental activists during his second campaign event Wednesday in New Hampshire. Holding signs that read “This is an emergency” and “Fight for the Green New Deal,” the protesters also had some pointed chants -- “Act on climate” and “Joe Biden is not a climate change champion” -- during Biden's campaign stop at McIntyre Ski Area in Manchester. The protesters were quickly drowned out by loud chants of “We love Joe” from the crowd.
Fox News
Union Leader

The long-shots

All three Republicans who’ve launched extreme up-hill GOP primary challenges against President Trump were in New Hampshire this week.
Former one-term Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois – who’s spent much of this decade as a conservative radio talk show host, slammed Trump but also saved some of his zingers for a fellow primary challenger, former South Carolina governor and congressman Mark Sanford. Both Sanford and Walsh also took aim at the move by the Trump re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee to tighten their grip on the delegation selection process for the 2020 convention. But an optimist former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld said he liked the move, as he predicted a strong finish in the New Hampshire primary.
Fox News and here
WATCH Walsh and here
WATCH Sanford
LISTEN: Weld sits down for the hour with NHPR 

What about Kasich?

Top Granite State allies of the former two-term Ohio governor tell Fox News and the Concord Monitor that Kasich’s upcoming trip to New Hampshire – first advertised a couple of months ago – is still on and is likely to occur in early November. That’s around the time the 2016 Republican presidential candidate and vocal Trump critic will be on a tour for his latest book, It's Up to Us: Ten Little Ways We Can Bring About Big Change. Of course a stop in the first-in-the-nation primary state will once again fuel speculation that Kasich may join Weld, Sanford and Walsh in primary challenging the president.


Lots of endorsements, as always, but I’ll mention two:
2018 Democratic gubernatorial nominee and former state Sen. Molly Kelly backed Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
Former state Sen. Pete Burling, who also served as NH House Democratic leader and as a DNC committee member, supported Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.

Buttigieg beefs up his ground game

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s campaign is kicking off what they are billing as a “Boot Pledge Pledge” weekend of action Saturday, ramping up their ground game in New Hampshire and the three other early voting primary and caucus states. This as the Buttigieg campaign announced dozens of new hires and a host of canvassing and organizing events.
NBC News

This weekend in NH:

Tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang wraps up a three-day swing through New Hampshire by headlining the Rockingham County Lenore Patton Potluck Dinner at 5pm in Epping.
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii wraps up her three-day swing with a 10am House Party in New Boston and a 4pm town hall at New England College in Henniker
Former Rep. John Delaney of Maryland holds town halls on Saturday at 1pm in Rochester and 4pm in Raymond. He ends the day with a 7pm house party at the home of Linda Cates and Tom Murray in Nelson. Delaney headlines a Claremont breakfast town hall at the Common Man at 9am on Sunday.
Retired Navy admiral and former two-term congressman from Pennsylvania Joe Sestak on Sunday at 9am will kickoff a week-long walk across the width of New Hampshire by walking across the U.S. Navy Seabees Bridge from Brattleboro, Vermont into Chesterfield, New Hampshire. The trek will conclude the following Sunday in Portsmouth.
Former South Carolina governor and congressman Mark Sanford – who’s primary challenging President Donald Trump, wraps up a three-day swing in NH with a 10am Plymouth walkabout starting at Green Street and Highway 3. At 12:30pm, he stops at Octoberfest in Lincoln.

10 counties in 2 days

The morning after taking part in Tuesday’s fourth round Democratic presidential nomination debate in Ohio, Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota heads to New Hampshire, for a truly jam-packed two-day swing through all ten of the Granite State’s counties. Klobuchar isn’t the first candidate this cycle to sign up for such a frenetic feat. Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas stopped in all ten of the state’s counties during his first visit to New Hampshire – a two-day swing in March.

LISTEN: Interviews with Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and retired admiral and former congressman from Pennsylvania Joe Sestak, and GOP presidential primary challenger and former congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois on ‘On Background,’ the program that’s all about the #FITN presidential primary.


Trump-Lewandowski-impeachment-possible Senate run

Corey Lewandowski, President Trump’s 2016 campaign manager and a frequent cable news surrogate who remains a close outside adviser to the president, rallied support for his former boss Monday in the face of Democrats’ impeachment inquiry -- while feeding speculation he might eventually launch a bid for the Senate in his home state.
Fox News
Seacoast Online
Union Leader

Focus on grassroots

Presidential campaign will have a presence at the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s upcoming major fall fundraising dinner, but the speaking slots are being saved for local grassroots activists.

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