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For those of you unfamiliar with the title of this newsletter, 603 is the area code for the entire state of New Hampshire, which is one of a dozen remaining states across the country that are serviced by just one area code. Although we may be small in size and population, we play a large role in choosing the president, thanks to our century old tradition of hosting the first primary in the race for the White House. 


But the Granite State’s role doesn’t end with the primary. New Hampshire’s also one of around a dozen battleground, or swing, or purple states, in the general election. 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton edged GOP nominee Donald Trump just over 2,700 votes to capture the state’s crucial four electoral votes in the last presidential election. It was the smallest margin by vote and the second narrowest by percentage in the entire nation.


While the next race for the White House officially kicks off immediately after next month’s midterm elections, the early moves have been underway in New Hampshire for well over a year. Those visits will only multiply over the coming weeks, as the presidential contest moves from the pre-season to prime-time. 


THE 603 hopes to give you a front row seat to all the action in arguably the most important campaign state (we're a little biased) in the 2020 cycle. Something else, we have partnered with the new blockchain platform for journalism civil.co that has been set up to help rebuild trust in journalism; it aims to do this by providing an alternative funding mechanism using crypto currency. A sale of CVL tokens are currently underway, and the way to purchase them is explained here.


Another thing you will notice about THE 603 is that we aren't going to be taking your data. There is 'no sign' in via Facebook or Google; the only social media we will use is Twitteralthough we may partner with Reddit for some events we will be hosting across the state.


Lastly, we are sending this newsletter to friends, colleagues, and those who care about getting journalism right. 


Now lets get to the news: 


Avenatti: A 2020 run ‘is NOT about ego’

Pushing back against his critics, Avenatti told The Daily Beast “people say ‘this is all about ego and it’s because of your rise on the national stage.’ No it’s not about ego and here’s the test. If Donald Trump announced tomorrow that he’s not going to run in 2020, my appetite for doing this goes down by at least 50 percent. If Mike Pence then announced that he likewise was not going to run in 2020, I will not run for the presidency of the United  States.” WATCH here.


Schiff on 2020: ‘I would never want to say never but my focus is really on the House’

The congressman from California and top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee – who’s become a frequent guest on CNN and MSNBC courtesy of the Russia investigation – headlined a Portsmouth Democrats fundraising gala this past weekend. The visit – coming after a stop in Iowa earlier this year – raised more eyebrows regarding whether Schiff is serioulsy mulling a White House bid. Schiff explained that “I’ve got a big job in the House right now. I may have a bigger job in the House if we’re in the majority and I have an opportunity to get to the truth in terms of a lot of the Russia investigation that we’ve been thwarted in doing. So it’s hard for me to see past that.” SEACOASTONLINE WATCH here


Flake’s speech earlier this week at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics was against the backdrop of Kavanaugh, nevertheless his speech was timely, and he did not rule out returning to New Hampshire again soon: ‘My message here today is that tribalism is ruining us. It is tearing our country part. It is no way for sane adults to act.’ WATCH the speech, courtesy of WMUR


2020 Watch: IF there's a primary challenge against Trump- it will start in New Hampshire CONCORD MONITOR

BUT leading GOP consultants say the odds are stacked against any challenger THE DAILY BEAST

How would Flake fare in New Hampshire? CONCORD MONITOR



NEXT UP (as of now.. things change very quickly with new trips quickly being added)


Oct. 22 Michael Avenatti returns for his third trip to NH since August. On his itinerary, speaking with the Upper Valley Democrats.


Oct. 24 Former Housing and Urban Development secretary and former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro makes his third trip this year to NH. He’s scheduled to lead a community conversation hosted by the state Democratic Party’s Latino Caucus at Casa Mezcal in Nashua. In the evening he headlines Salem Democratic Town Committee Fall Gala at the Birch Wood Vineyards in Derry.


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