• Paul Steinhauser

2020 long-shot Delaney swipes at Dem rivals: 'Running on things that aren’t real solutions'

John Delaney in Exeter in January

Former Rep. John Delaney worries that some of his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination are moving too far to the left.

“You have to put forward ideas that make sense,” the Maryland Democrat told reporters Thursday as he sat down for an interview during a jam-packed two-day swing through the state that holds the first primary in the White House race.

Delaney charged that many of the other 2020 presidential candidates are “running on things that aren’t real solutions.”

Among the proposals he pointed to was the Green New Deal, the sweeping plan popular with the Democratic Party’s progressive base that aims to transform the country’s economy to fight climate change -- while enacting a host of new health care and welfare programs.

“If you say the way I’m going to address climate change is by tying it to universal basic income, or by tying it to universal health care, you’re basically saying you’re not going to do anything on climate change,” he argued.

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