• Paul Steinhauser

Biden challenged by climate activist at New Castle stop

Former vice president Joe Biden addresses climate activist Rebecca Beaulieu during a campaign stop Friday in New Castle. [Paul Steinhauser/]

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Friday strongly defended his appearance the previous night at a top-dollar fundraising event in New York City held at the home of a supporter who helped found a natural gas company.

And standing right next to the environmental activist who questioned him for attending the fundraiser after vowing not to take money from the fossil fuel industry, Biden told 24-year-old environmental activist Rebecca Beaulieu from Newmarket -- whom he called “kiddo” -- “to look in my eyes” as he pledged to wean Americans off fossil fuels by 2050.

Twenty-four hours earlier, the front-runner in the Democratic presidential nomination attended an event with donors co-hosted by Andrew Goldman -- one of the founders of the Texas-based natural gas company LNG Western.

On Friday, at a town hall at New Castle’s Great Island Common -- with the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop, Beaulieu asked Biden “how can we trust that you’re going to act on the climate crisis if you’re still attending fundraisers that fossil fuel executives like Andy Goldman are at?”

Biden acknowledged that Goldman did co-found the company but said there were no fossil fuel executives at the fundraiser, adding “he’s not on the board or any of it. He does not run it at all.”

But Goldman’s LinkedIn profile listed that he still works for the company.


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