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Biden coming to New Hampshire in May and his friends are waiting

Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden waves goodbye after stopping at Gianni's Pizza, in Wilmington Del., Thursday, April 25, 2019. Jessica Griffin/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP) Jessica Griffin

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign announcement was both long expected and much anticipated.

The former vice president’s upcoming May 13-14 trip to New Hampshire is no surprise either. A trip to the first-in-the nation presidential primary state during an initial national campaign swing is a must for any White House hopeful.

Unlike some upstart candidates, Biden has friends here, friends who hold sway with the Democratic Party.

“I’ve known Sen. Biden for over 30 years. I was on his 1988 campaign for president. I’ve seen him many, many times campaigning in New Hampshire,” said Terry Shumaker, a former U.S. ambassador and friend of the Clintons.

Shumaker, like former New Hampshire governor John Lynch, wasted no time endorsing Biden Thursday.

“I think we’re at a crucial crossroads in our country and there are two major reasons why I think Joe Biden would be the best Democratic candidate – because he can stand up to Donald Trump,” said Shumaker, of Concord. “If he wins, he’ll restore integrity and decency to the White House. On inauguration day I think the whole world will breath a huge sigh of relief and he will bring back respect for America and our friendships around the world.”

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