• Paul Steinhauser

Scrap the Electoral College? Gabbard says not yet during Concord stop

Presidential hopeful U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, visits Peterborough. AP

She’s known as a progressive four-term congresswoman from Hawaii.

But when it comes to some high-profile progressive litmus tests facing the 2020 Democrats running for the White House, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s on the fence.

Gabbard, a National Guard officer and Iraq War veteran who was the first Hindu elected to serve in Congress, wasn’t on board with calls by fellow progressives to end the Electoral College and scrap the Senate’s filibuster rule – two longstanding political traditions and institutions.

“There are reforms that need to take place to make it so that our votes are being cast and counted and represented in the outcome of our elections,” Gabbard said Friday in Concord. “I think there are pros and cons to the existing Electoral College and to getting rid of it.”

Gabbard returned to the Capital city in the evening for a town hall conversation at New England College’s Main Street location that was moderated by former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Steve Marchand. Earlier in the afternoon, she headlined a town hall at New England College’s main campus in Henniker.

An increasing number of Gabbard’s rivals for the nomination have been supportive of scrapping the Electoral College and having the national popular vote determine the winner of presidential elections.

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