• Paul Steinhauser

Who’s serious about running in 2020? Look at who’s calling the powerbrokers

Sen. Cory Booker and ex-VP Joe Biden are just a few of the potential 2020 candidates making contact with New Hampshire powerbrokers, as they eye a White House bid.

Longtime New Hampshire lawmaker Lou D’Allesandro says he’s been receiving a lot of out-of-state calls lately.

“It seems like everybody running for president is in the Christmas spirit, because they’re all calling and wishing us happy holidays,” the Democrat, who’s known as the ‘dean’ of the state Senate, told Fox News.

D’Allesandro listed roughly a dozen potential White House hopefuls who’ve reached out to him over the past couple months.

The buzz of activity reflects just how early the 2020 race is getting underway. And it speaks to another layer to the visits being made by potential candidates to early-voting states like New Hampshire and Iowa. Not only are they publicly introducing themselves to voters, but they’re quietly courting Democratic lawmakers and rainmakers who could prove powerful allies in a primary campaign.

The activity is particularly heightened in New Hampshire, the state that for a century has held the first presidential primary.

After Democrats won back the majority in both chambers of the state legislature last month, the new leaders of the state House and Senate quickly took calls from some high-profile figures – who just happen to be commanding 2020 buzz.

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